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Monday, November 25, 2013

Preparing For Marriage

Turns out when you get engaged, things go straight to wedding planning. I have recognize that this is just a reality, as venues book and churches have waiting lists and blah blah blah. We are still trying to sort out the when and where of our big day, which has been mildly overwhelming (waiting on the stars to align for the reception and ceremony venue). But, we have been trying to take a few time-outs to think of this as a time to prepare not only for a wedding, but for a marriage. (Seriously, if people spent as much time and energy Pinteresting about healthy marriages instead of lavish weddings, we'd see a declining divorce rate I'm sure). Here is a list of 25 things we have agreed on: 
1. Toilet paper goes over, not under.
2. It is perfectly acceptable to eat breakfast for dinner and cold pizza for breakfast.
3. Shoes can be left by the door.
4. Dirty silverware will go into the dishwasher handle side down. 
5. Pots and pans (and stained coffee mugs) can be left overnight to soak before entering the dishwasher. All others, in right away.
6. Toothpaste: cap on.
7. Again on the toothpaste: just squeeze really hard (as opposed to rolling from the bottom).
8. Towels and washcloths can be used over and over until laundry day. 
9. We will fly, we will not drive. 
10. Miracle Whip.
11. Pepsi OR Coke, we don't care.
12. Our definition of camping is building a fort in the living room. Nothing more.
13. Thermostat should be turned down if the premises will be vacant for more than 24 hours.
14. No snooze button. Get your butt out of bed.
15. A full cup of orange juice must be left in container for it to be returned to the fridge. If there is less, drink straight out of the carton. 
16. Roll the bag of chips. We don't mess with chip clips.
17. Call the doctor when your dying. Otherwise, take some Advil.
18. Prime location for the TV remote is on the coffee table (although Sean made a great case for it to always remain in his hand.)
19. Folded clothes should be put away, not pulled overtime from the basket of clean laundry.
20. Making the bed: waste of time accept when visitors are coming.
21. It is okay to clip your toenails in the living room (just clean. it. up.)
22. Presents should be opened on the holiday, not when they arrive (as much as this rule killllls us).
23. Paper plates are used as liners for real plates, not used alone.
24. You can eat in bed. 
25. Dinner is closer to 7:00, not 5:00.
*Inspired by this article.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The End

The end to calling him my "boyfriend."
The end to a naked ring finger.
The end to questions about if it would happen.
The end to girl talk predicting how he would ask. 
The end to imagining what the ring would look like.
The end to living for myself.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Fleeting Fall

Fall isn't lasting long enough for my infatuation with bare legs and boots.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Work Trip, Birthdays and Catholics

I had the great opportunity to blend work and family last weekend. We needed someone to attend college fairs in Orlando and Jacksonville, so naturally my hand shot up like rocket while inside I squealed me me me me me me meeeeee!! 
The timing was pretty perfect for two reasons. First, I was able to spoil Makayla on her birthday by kidnapping her from day care, buying her a new birthday dress complete with gold shoes and a matching headband (we tried on lots of outfits and modeled them in the mirror to which she would whisper eversolightly pwettyyy...), then on to Build-a-Bear where she picked out all things pink and named her new friend Sophia. 

My mom has been working for a long time to convert to Catholicism and I was able to attend her baptism/first holy communion/confirmation/renewal of vows ceremony while I was in town. It was such a special day for my mom and Wally, and I am so very inspired by her commitment to her husband and her faith. She looked like an angel. 

Other awesome things from the weekend include:
-Long car rides and long talks with my mom.
-Golfing for the first time in years! with my dad and Judi...and not playing half bad!
-Ending said golf round in the pouring rain full of giggles and laughs.
-Tanner grabbing my hand to get my attention, just to say "I love you."
-Seeing college-brother...he was high school-brother last time I saw him. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Talent

I have random talents. The kind that are only useful when you need to say something unique about yourself during icebreakers. Things like juggling, walking on my hands and reciting the states in alphabetical order. 
But I do have one talent that has proven to be of use to myself and others through the years of proms, dance recitals and weddings. I can make pretty hair do's. 
I have never been formally taught but I can run Youtube, I like the smell of hair spray and I've got patience. As far as I'm concerned, you don't need much else in the way of hair-doism except maybe a thousand bobby pins.
I had the honor of creating looks for a long time friend and her bridesmaids for her wedding. The girls were so stunning and a blast to work with. I was so happy to be a part of her day in this small way and truly enjoyed having an excuse to so one of my random but useful talents.
Then I moonwalked during the wedding dance. 


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Justification for chocolate in my candy drawer...

I pride myself on being able to justify anything. My parents use to tell me to be a lawyer because I can pretty much argue any point. And have done so on many, many occasions (they loved that phase). I have recognized that friends and coworkers utilize me to help them make insane justifications for their decisions.
And I love it. Here is some of my absurd reasoning.
Oh you're moving? Then you should shop online so you can use the shipment boxes for packing your belongings.
You don't want to be productive today? Well it is raining AND it's a Thursday which means you've still got one more day to get your work done so you're off the hook.
You want an expensive dress? Well you can spend more on that because it is an entire outfit, not just a singular piece that must be paired with something else to be appropriate (i.e. spend what you'll spend on pants and a shirt).
And you want another piece of chocolate from my office candy drawer? Well...see above.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

To give you an update...

Here is what has been going on 'round here...

Making : Many trips to Ikea.
Cooking : Hy-Vee Chinese (can that please count?)
Drinking : Lots-o-coffee
Reading: Fifty Shades of Grey for the second time so I can image these two in the starring role (meh, not happy about the casting on this one folks.
Wanting: These booties...and bad.
Looking: At Pinterest and decorating my fake home with my fake budget.
Playing: Some ridiculous Sims like game on my iPad with pirates. It the silliest game ever but takes zero brain function and is therefore ideal for breaks on the road.
Wasting: Half the foot long sub I get for the same prices as a 6-inch.
Sewing: Hems. Cause I'm short.
Wishing: For a backrub. (wink wink).
Enjoying: Cable.
Waiting: For payday.
Liking: My every third day hair washing routine. (so not gross)
Wondering: If I will meet my goals at work.
Loving: Good things happening to good people.
Hoping: For a girls weekend soon...Galena anyone?
Marvelling: At the amount of orange that has popped up in my wardrobe.
Needing: Nothing...and everything. You know.
Smelling: The distinct aroma of an awesome fall.
Wearing: Dresses like it's my job.
Following: My heart.
Noticing: More gray hairs.
Knowing: That things are good. And right. And perfect.
Thinking: Of getting a kitty. A yellow one. Named Willow. (clearly thinking about this a lot).
Feeling: Capable.
Opening: Thank you letters. The best part of my job.
Giggling: At Sean's stories from teaching. He should write a book!
Feeling: Capable.